Ways you can get involved now

  • Become a coalition partner!

    • Any organization that supports the goals and objectives of the Coalition (and wishes to be identified as such)
    • Willing to dedicate resources to assisting the Coalition in addressing critical NG911 gaps
    • Could provide subject matter experts to relevant working groups, as well as use other organization resources to promote the Coalition’s efforts
  • Become a coalition supporter!

    • Any entity not qualifying as Coalition Partner that supports the goals and objectives of the Coalition and wishes to be identified as such
  • Embrace the mission, adopt the goal!

    • Work collaboratively with other organizations to support NG911 NOW activities 
    • Tell the story of the need to accelerate deployment of NG911
    • Contribute resources that can address one of the five action areas above
  • Be an advocate for accelerating NG911!

    • Pursue position statements, policy development and advocacy efforts 
    • Support state or local legislative changes that will accelerate NG911 implementation
    • Use real-life examples of how the transition to NG911 can benefit public safety; share your experiences with the Coalition so other agencies and organizations can use your successes to enable better outcomes.
    • Offer informational sessions on the NG911 NOW Goal and Mission at your organization’s conferences, and policy-setting and agenda-setting sessions 
  • Encourage others to support the mission!

    • Invite other public safety organizations, technology leaders and government organizations to support the NG911 NOW Coalition 
    • Help generate critical mass in understanding the need to move forward on NG911 implementation, as well as the importance of a timely transition


Ready to take the next step?